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Setting Up the Cold Room

The mobile cold room MUST BE LEVEL to operate properly and must have WEIGHT ON THE BACK LEGS so it doesn’t move while being accessed. Please follow the set-up instructions below.

  1. Ensure the jockey wheel clamp is positioned between the “ribs” on the jockey wheel and is tight. This will ensure it will not slide down when loaded.
  2. Wind the jockey wheel up or down until the cold room is visually level.
  3. Then wind the jockey wheel down by 6 to 8 turns so it dips to the front slightly.
  4. Drop the back legs to the ground and tighten the leg clamps.
  5. Wind the jockey wheel back-up 6 to 8 turns so pressure is placed on the back legs and it is level once again. It is now secure and will not move while being accessed.
  6. Plug it in using the heavy-duty tested and tagged extension lead and then load it up. The cold room will be down to temperature in less than an hour. It will still take a couple of hours for warm drinks to chill.
  7. When packing up, ensure you FIRST lower the front by winding the jockey wheel down before releasing the back legs, which may be under some pressure.

Now that you have learned how to setup the cold room, be sure to read the guide on how to operate the cold room for maximum efficiency. This will ensure you have the best chilled experience for your event.

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