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Get The Most From Your Cold Room

We recommend accessing the mobile cold room as early as possible so you can pre-chill your items. Even though the cold room will be down to temperature in about 30 minutes, it will take a couple of hours to chill products if loaded warm, just like your refrigerator at home. This will ensure your products start the day cold and save on ice costs.

  1. Designate a person responsible for the cold room to avoid constant opening and consequent poor chilling of products. Like your home fridge, the less it is opened the cooler it will stay.
  2. DO NOT serve drinks directly from the cold room as it will require constant opening and will not remain cool.
  3. Move the drinks in bulk from the coldroom to an ice box (esky) and serve from the ice box. This will ensure products in the coldroom remain cold and you will use less ice if the drinks are placed into the ice box cold.
  4. Always use a tagged and tested electrical power lead for safety.
  5. Store Drinks and cartons on the floor to keep the shelves free for food and plates.

Be sure to also read the guide on how to setup the cold room for safe operation.

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