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Camp Fridges

Camp Fridges keep your food and drinks at the right temperature whilst you are enjoying your adventures. There are three camp fridge products for hire: Engel Camp Fridge/Freezer, Chescold Camp Fridge/Freezer, or the Eva Kool Ice Box. Whatever your need, The Big Chill has you covered.

Engel Camp Fridge/Freezer

The Engel 40 litre (model MT45) Fridge/Freezer is best suited to situations where you are doing a lot of travelling by car or will have power at your site. Features include:

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Engel Fridge Freezer

Chescold Camp Fridge/Freezer

If you will be camping away from electric power and when LPG is your preferred fuel source, then you cannot go wrong with the Chescold RC1180; a 3-way fridge/freezer that caters for every situation. Read about the Chescold features:

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Chescold Fridge Freezer

Eva Kool Fibreglass Ice Boxes

Eva Kool Fridge Freezer

The Eva Kool Fibreglass Ice Box is the perfect complement to a party fridge to keep your drinks and food at the ideal temperature for the longest period of time. The Eva Kool Will keep ice for up to 5 days; truly remarkable.

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